Tour City Facilities

Want to see a fire engine up close?
See all of the fire engines and ambulances up close.  Learn how the fire fighters live, learn and work at the Station.  The Fire Department is located at 350 5th Street SW.  Tours are customized to the age of the kids (2 - 100) and are scheduled by appointment.  To schedule your tour, contact Yeni at (641) 421-3640 or by e-mail at

Want to visit the public library and find out more of what it has to offer?
Learn about the building history, renovation, and all that the library offers.  The Public Library is located at 225 2nd Street SE.  Tours are available and can be tailored to the group.  Tours are scheduled by appointment only.  Call (641) 421-3668 or email

Want to learn more about American art?
Guided group tours of the MacNider Museum and its exhibitions are provided by trained volunteer docents (gallery guides).  Groups interested in taking tours, which can be tailored to the group are asked to make arrangements at least two weeks in advance of the desired tour date.  Please secure bus availability with you school or organization before making tour reservations.  General and exhibition specific tours are available.  E-mail DeAnn Straw or call (641) 421-3666 to make tour arrangements.  The MacNider Museum is located at 303 2nd Street SE.

If you are interested in learning more about the many recreational activities offered in the community, contact the Recreation Department.
The City offers many recreational opportunities for citizens with interests of all tastes.  Call the Recreation Department at (641) 421-3673 or by e-mail at to learn about golfing, the campgrounds, the aquatic center and the many other recreational opportunities.

Want to learn interesting stories about the history significance of the cemetery or just meditate on the beautiful grounds?
A walking tour of the Elmwood-St. Joseph Cemetery grounds highlights the history of our city founders, civil war veterans, and notable citizens including the Meredith Willson family gravesite, which explains the diverse religious faiths and cultural heritage reflected here.  The tour also offers a close up view of the historic mausoleums and sculptured monuments on the grounds.  Visitors can hear interesting stories of the people resting here or learn more about their own heritage with genealogy searches.  Quiet walks through the beautiful grounds and the wildlife around the pond provide a serene setting to meditate and reflect on life.  Call the cemetery office at (641) 421-3687 or by e-mail at  The Cemetery entrance is located at South Federal Avenue and 14th Street.


Learn more about your City Government.

City staff will provide a walking tour of City Hall, located at 10 1st Street NW.  Tours are conducted by appointment by calling (641) 421-3600 or by e-mail at