Departments A - F

The Municipal Airport provides airline transportation schedules and services for Mason City and north Iowa

Ambulance (EMS)

The fire fighters/paramedics at the Mason City Fire Department are a dedicated and highly skilled part of the EMS response in over 750 square miles of north central Iowa including the City of Mason City

Animal Control
Learn about how to report stray dogs and cats, lost pets, local animal complaints, neglected or abused animals, wild animals; proper ways to care for an animal; and pet adoption services

Building and Neighborhood Services
This department focuses on protecting the health, safety and welfare of people by creating better buildings and safer communities

City Assessor 
The Assessor’s office determines the fair market value of all real property, which includes residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural

City Attorney
The City Attorney serves as the Chief Legal Counsel to the City Council, City Administrator and various City Departments

City Clerk
This department maintains all official public City records and additional responsibilities defined by the Code of Iowa


Development Services Department

This department provides planning, zoning, economic development, historic preservation, environmental stewardship and floodplain management efforts of the City

Elmwood-St. Joseph Cemetery
Learn about the exceptional cemetery services provided to the community, its citizens and families in a respectful and caring manner on a perpetual basis

The Engineering Department handles all matters related to public health, safety and mobility by improving and expanding infrastructure including sidewalks/driveway approaches, water/sewer service connections, and traffic signals

Local information on the different areas included in the Finance Department including the budget, annual report, accounts payable and payroll

The Mason City Fire Department is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art emergency services by serving those in need – safely in Mason City and the surrounding region