Support Services

Captain Mike McKelvey oversees the Support Services Division, which manages numerous non-patrol functions of the department; such as investigations, school resource officers, evidence/property reception/records, school crossing guards, training, building, vehicle maintenance, purchasing,community services and personnel functions.


Personnel assigned:
Management- 1 captain serves as division commander. He oversees personnel in the Investigations Division, personnel training, building utility/maintenance, parking enforcement, reception/records, school resource, and evidence/property, school crossing guards.

Utility Department

Jeff Watermiller - Phone 421-3642, email
One employee is assigned to work a “utility” function for the police department. Examples of these duties are building maintenance and cleaning, car maintenance and cleaning, picking up supplies, transporting portable stop signs, setting up equipment, assisting investigators transporting large quantities of evidence, and other similar duties.

Parking Enforcement:
Community Safety Supervisor- Dave Houser-641.494.3560, email
The Parking Enforcement section performs enforcement duties in the downtown area, as well as the area of Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa East Campus. This employee looks for time limit violations, handicap space and other on-street and public parking lot violations.

Jamie Simon - Phone 421-3694, email 

The Records section maintains and makes available police department incident and collision reports and compiles criminal arrest information. This information is provided to various agencies and individuals as allowed by law.



Tammy Orr - Phone (641) 421-3390, email

An Evidence Tech manages the department's evidence/property room. Other duties include collision/electronic citations program administrator, managing towed abandoned vehicles, and crime scene evidence collection.


School Resource Officer

Phone (641) 421-3636
This officer interacts with students, faculty and administrators in the schools.

School Crossing Guards
Three school crossing guards attend to school crossings at two locations in Mason City every school day to help insure the safety of students going to and coming from schools. The locations served by a crossing guard are Harding School (12th and North Rhode Island), and Jefferson School (Highway 122 and South Indiana).



Lieutenant Rich Jensen - Phone (641) 494-3564, email Lt. Jensen supervises and manages five criminal investigators, one of which is assigned to the North Iowa Narcotics Task Force.  Investigators are assigned cases that require a lot of time and all major personal injury crimes, such as forcible felonies, major assault cases and all sexual assault cases.