Explanation of Highland Park Golf Course Rules
  • All golfers must register and sign-in in the clubhouse before playing.
  • All beverages consumed on the course must be purchased in the clubhouse. You will be asked to pay for what you bring in and if offense is repeated law enforcement will be asked to be present.
  • Dress code—all players must wear shirt, slacks or shorts at all times both on course and inside clubhouse. Shoes with metal spikes are not permitted.
  • When course is crowded, 5-somes only permitted with clubhouse permission.
  • Each player must have their own set of clubs. We have rental clubs for players.
  • Players must have valid green fee receipt or season pass tag to be shown upon request.
  • Use of tees times or ball rack, depending on day of week, governs priority on #1 tee.
  • Players finishing front 9 have priority on #10 tee – no delay between #9 green & #10 tee.
  • Slow play – maintain play by keeping up with group ahead of you or maintain a 4.5 hour 18-hole round.
  • “No-mow” areas to be played as a lateral hazard.
  • Must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate motor carts.
  • Motor carts shall operate in roughs or on cart paths when provided. Use 90-degree rule to access ball location.
  • Motor carts are not permitted in the “no-mow” areas.
  • Know and observe golf etiquette: replace divots and repair ball marks, rake sand traps, keep pace with group ahead of you, allow faster groups to play through, use litter containers to keep course clean.
  • Clubhouse permission is required prior to starting on back nine.
  • Motor carts not allowed on slopes of tees or within 30 feet of greens.
  • Destructive behavior to the course, property or carts will not be permitted. Removal from the course will be enforced. If you see or need to report any misbehavior please call the club house 641-423-9693