Neighborhood Services

The Neighborhood Services Division is comprised of the Neighborhood Development Specialist who supervises the division, Mason City Public Transit , Neighborhood Inspection Services and Animal Control.

The goal of Neighborhood Services is to focus the energies of citizens in the neighborhoods and City staff on solving neighborhood problems, to develop a vision for neighborhoods, and implement neighborhood improvements.

The duty of the Neighborhood Development Specialist is to help organize the leadership in neighborhoods, coordinate the neighborhood activities of City staff, and to connect the neighborhoods to City staff.

The impact of this collaboration will be to build relationships between the people in the neighborhoods to create more harmonious neighborhoods, and to make physical improvements in neighborhoods, such as improved neighborhood parks, removal of inoperable vehicles, and the cleanup of unsightly properties and infrastructure improvements.



For more information contact:
Building and Neighborhood Services Department
10 - 1st St. NW
Mason City, IA 50401
Phone: 641-421-3380
Fax: 641-421-3629