City Council Goals and Priorities

Each year the Mayor and City Council members review the goals and priorities for the community.  The main focus is to ensure that they provide sound infrastructure and the desired resources and amenities to provide a comfortable, safe and enjoyable quality of life for the residents and visitors of Mason City.


Mayor & Council Priorities


Top Priorities

  1. Blight Enforcement & Infill Development:
    1. Conduct 40-657A actions within one year
    2. Increase responsiveness & efficiency to nuisance abatement
    3. Investigate Code regarding infill development
    4. Investigate incentives for Downtown Upper Story

  2.  Infrastructure Improvements:
    1. Develop 5, 10, and 20 Infrastructure Improvement Plans with identified funding sources
    2. Develop a specific Flood Mitigation Plan for problem areas

      High Priorities

  3. Support and coordinate branding and marketing of Mason City

  4. City Staffing:
    1. Review to insure properly staffed to implement priorities
    2. Review employee package in order to recruit future city workforce
    3. Develop trained city workforce
    4. Develop succession plan

  5. Consider options for River Road

  6. Riverwalk Upgrade:
    1. Removal of trees, underbrush, etc.
    2. Public art work
    3. Trail improvements

Long Term

Continue to support North Iowa Vision Plan