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Lieutenant Rich Jensen is the Investigations supervisor. He is responsible for all Mason City Police Department investigators assigned to general criminal investigations and the North Central Iowa Narcotics Task Force. He can be reached at 641-494-3564 or by email .




Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is responsible for those investigations that cannot be worked by patrol officers. Cases may be assigned to an investigator for several reasons.  These reasons include the complex nature of the case, a lack of solvability at the time the initial report is taken, and freeing up patrol officers so they can respond to more calls for service.

Criminal cases are divided into two general areas. One area is drug related cases. These require special handling and coordination with the regional narcotics task force. The investigations lieutenant will interact with narcotics investigators to determine the best way to handle the cases. We receive numerous tips on drug activity each year. We strive to balance our resources so that all areas are given attention. Due to the number of possible drug targets, investigators must prioritize the information that is  to decide where resources can have the most benefit to public safety.

All other investigations are considered general criminal investigations. The majority of investigators are assigned to general criminal work. These cases include violent crimes and property crimes. Bad check cases have been very time consuming for the general criminal investigators. We appreciate the efforts of the business community as they take the time to properly identify those customers who do business with personal checks. The general criminal investigators may also look into public disorder or harassment or stalking crimes. Again, caseload requires some prioritizing to properly manage this work.

Investigators coordinate a tobacco compliance program with the State of Iowa to determine whether retail outlets sell tobacco to minors. Officers monitor underage volunteers who attempt to buy tobacco products. Charges are filed when appropriate. The state reimburses the city for the costs involved with this work. Investigators also perform compliance checks of retail establishments that sell alcohol. Again, underage volunteers attempt to purchase alcohol while observed by our officers.

Investigators interact with many criminal justice agencies on the local, state and federal level. We are always very pleased with the excellent relationships we enjoy with these agencies and their employees. These joint efforts have resulted in many successful criminal investigations in recent years.


Contact info for MCPD Investigators:

Investigators Jason Hugi,  Aaron Onder, Seth McChesney and Terrance Prochaska are assigned to general criminal investigations.  They can be reached by calling 641-421-3636.

North Central Iowa Narcotics Task Force:
Phone 641-423-8647

The task force covers this county and the eight surrounding counties. It is a partnership with various city, county, state and federal agencies. The task force conducts a variety of drug related investigations. The task force sponsors a Special Operations Group (SOG), which is a specially equipped and trained group of officers utilized in high threat situations in the nine county task force area. The drug task force office is not located in the police building.


The North Central Iowa Narcotics Task Force can be reached at 641-423-8647.