Enjoy and Participate

Autumn in older section of cemetery

Enjoy the Cemetery Grounds and Participate in the Activities


A walking tour of the Elmwood-St. Joseph Cemetery grounds highlights the history of our city founders, Civil War veterans, and notable citizens including the Meredith Willson family gravesite, which explains the diverse religious faiths and cultural heritage reflected here.  The tour also offers a close up view of the historic mausoleums and sculptured monuments on the grounds. 



Memorial Day Program in area dedicated to Veterans of Foriegn Wars


Visitors can hear interesting stories of the people resting here or learn more about their own heritage with genealogy searches.  Quiet walks through the beautiful grounds and the wildlife around the pond provide a serene setting to meditate and reflect on life. 




A flock of geese taking flight from the cemetery pond



Community members are welcome to participate in their cemetery by attending the Memorial Day programs, walking or biking for better health on the quiet streets and assisting with the care of the beautiful features throughout the grounds and other special projects. 


Gifts and bequests can be given to create landscaping and features in memory of loved ones and further beautify the grounds.  Gifts can also be given to the Perpetual Care Fund.



Call the cemetery office at (641) 421-3687 or e-mail us at for more information.  The Cemetery entrance is located on South Federal Avenue at 14th Street.