Crime Data

In an effort to sustain our mission of partnering with the community of Mason City, we will be placing a variety of tools on our Crime Data pages.  We feel these are important tools for two reasons:

  1. To make you aware of the day-to day activities of the officers of the Mason City Police Department and keep you informed of activity occurring in your neighborhood, and
  2. To improve communication and empower you to assist us with any investigation or incident you may have observed.  By knowing police were summoned to a particular incident you have knowledge of, you could greatly assist us in solving and preventing future incidents.  Information will be kept confidential upon your request.  Names of the officers involved will appear in the call and you can either make contact with them via email through this website, or by calling (641) 421-3636.


Please keep in mind that this Crime Data area is still evolving, so check back often to discover additional tools you can use to keep on top of activity in your area.