Beverage Recycling Program




Recycling ContainerBeverage Container Recycling Program Benefits


  •             ¨      Convenient containers improve recycling collection at
  •                     events and festivals
  •             ¨      Reduces litter
  •             ¨      Saves natural resources
  •             ¨      Reduces landfill disposal costs



Go Green - Recycle Cans & Bottles


Event Coordinator Checklist:


1.      Contact your waste hauler to inform them that they will need to supply the event with dumpsters for both waste and recyclables.

2.      Determine when dumpsters will be dropped off and picked up.

3.      Determine when dumpsters will be emptied (pulled).

4.      Identify the locations for the waste and recycling dumpsters at the event.

5.      Determine where the recyclables will be taken for processing.

6.      Determine when you will receive tonnage report of the waste and recycling collected (this information needs to be reported to the Street Department upon return of the beverage recycling containers).

7.      Identify the number of garbage and recycling containers needed for your event. Each recycling container should be placed next to a garbage container.

8.      Complete and return the Beverage Recycling Container Reservation Form with your deposit check to the Mason City Street Department.

9.      Invite a youth organization, church group, or another volunteer organization to help educate the public and manage the recycling containers at the event.

10. Schedule a volunteer training session before the event to educate the volunteers about their recycling responsibilities for the event.


Mason City Event Beverage Recycling Program Container Reservation Form



The Mason City Event Beverage Recycling Program was made possible through the support of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Agreement Number 10-G550-23.  However, any opinions, finding, conclusions, or recommendations expressed herein are those of the author's and do not necessarily reflect the views of IDNR.


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