Winter Holiday Safety Tips

Happy Holidays from the Mason CIty Fire Department!The Mason City Fire Department wants to help everyone enjoy the holiday season.  Winter, cold  and indoor living bring a host of areas where citizens can be at risk for home fires or other emergencies.  The following tip sheets provide a host of information from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) on winter and holiday safety.  The Fire Department encourages everyone to visit the NFPA website for fire facts and safety tips, as well as kid-oriented activities to promote fire safety.   Happy Holidays to everyone in Mason City from the Fire Department.



Please view other safety tip sheets available on the Fire Department's pages under the Fire Bureau. 


By keeping the safety tips on these sheets in mind, we hope that no one will have a holiday fire or other emergency.  But it is always better to be prepared and the Fire Department reminds everyone to keep the fire hydrants in their neighborhood clear of snow and ice.  And remember to clear snow and ice from doors that may not be used as much during the winter.  Everyone should have two ways out of every home!!!!