Report a problem using SeeClickFix

Mason City residents can report a non-emergency problem or quality-of-life issue in their neighborhood or anywhere in Mason City with SeeClickFix our on-line service request tool. To report an emergency, please call 911.


Nuisance issues that can be reported on SeeClickFix are inoperable vehicles, garbage, junk, rubbish and refuse, and overgrown grass and weeds. Other concerns that are reported on SeeClickFix will be directed to the specific departments involved for resolution. We will include a phone number for that department for follow up.



Click here to learn how it works.



How it works:

First, create a SeeClickFix account.

If you'd like to use your computer to report an issue:

  1. You can either use the SeeClickFix website or click on the "Report" tab above;
  2. Drag the map marker to the location of your issue or type in its address;
  3. Choose a category from the drop-down menu that matches your issue and fill out the required fields;
  4. Click "Report your Issue". 

If you'd like to use your iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry phone to report an issue, download the SeeClickFix App.

Once you've downloaded your mobile app, you can watch a video showing how to use it.

What are these "Civic Points" I'm earning by using SeeClickFix?


If you have questions about using SeeClickFix visit their FAQs page or contact Steven Van Steenhuyse, Development Services Director at 641.421.3626 or


SeeClickFix "Terms of Use"