EMS Field Internship Program

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Students are welcome to schedule field internship time at Mason City Fire between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  Field internships for students are not offered on City holidays, overnight hours and Sundays as these hours are reserved for the privacy of the MCFD staff.  This schedule allows students that work during the week a chance to do extended hours in the evening and at least one day of the weekend. The Mason City Fire Department runs two “first due” ambulances 24/7 so it is typically able to accommodate two students at a time.

Only EMS students with contracted learning institutions may ride with the Mason City Fire Department. EMS students who may be interested in riding should call the Fire Department or ask their course coordinator to see if their learning institution participates in the MCFD EMS field internship program. 

Students are encouraged to download and review the EMS Program Handbook for the EMT Student Ride-Along Program. This informative brochure provides information regarding the program, the Department and station etiquette for students while doing their ride time. All students must complete and sign a Receipt and Acknowledgement, a Pledge of Confidentiality and a Waiver and General Release of Liability before they will be allowed to ride. The Receipt and Acknowledgement verifies that the student has read the Handbook. 

The on-duty officer will review the Pledge of Confidentiality with the student and discuss confidentiality issues at the Fire Department (apart and in addition toHIPAA requirements and laws). Finally, the Waiver must be signed by the student. It is preferred that the student completes this before they arrive at Mason City Fire Department. 

Any student or EMS program who would like more information is encouraged to contact Deputy Chief of EMS, Carl Ginapp. Students who wish to complete field internship hours at MCFD should call the Station at 1.641.421.3640 and ask to speak with the on-duty Captain who will be happy to coordinate scheduling.

Please click here to view and print the complete EMS Packet.


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