Tree Services

Mason City’s Forestry Division of the Street Division is responsible for and oversees the planting, care and maintenance and removal of trees growing on public rights-of-way and all City-owned trees in the public properties in the City.

Staff maintains trees by trimming and pruning trees, responding to and cleaning up of debris from storm damaged City trees, and removing dead, diseased, and hazardous trees.

Report a City tree problem: citizens can fill out the online service request and select the ‘Tree Trimming/Planting’ option.

Trees on private property are the responsibility of the property owner including trimming/pruning and removal if necessary.

Additional Helpful Links:
Tree Planting Request Form

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Mason City Banned Tree Species

For additional information about tree planting, care and maintenance, and removal of trees in the City, visit the City Code

Questions? Contact the City's Street Division Supervisor at (641) 420-1999.