Park Department Operations

Park Department Operations:

The Park Department is responsible for managing the upkeep and maintenance of over 600 acres of land in the City’s park system.

The Park Department Staff is responsible for:

*Mowing all grass in city parks, right of ways, viaducts, and trails

*Conducting snow removal in city parking lots, city parks, parking lot sidewalks, bridges and trails

*Picking up trash in parks, plaza and parking lots

*Maintaining shelters and all buildings in city parks, cleaning on a daily basis, and repairing equipment and buildings

*Trimming trees and maintaining all trails

*Providing care and maintenance of deer in East Park

*Providing maintenance of vehicles and equipment including tractors, mowers, snowblowers, weed trimmers, pickups and all Recreation Department vehicles

*Maintaining playground equipment including painting and repairs regularly

*Preparing the Aquatic Center for seasonal use and providing maintenance in the summer months

*Preparing the Margaret MacNider Campgrounds for camping season and providing maintenance during the summer months

*Maintaining all ball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, skate ramps and ice rink in City parks