Ray Rorick Park

Ray Rorick Park

Where is Ray Rorick Park? 


9.6 acres


Ray Rorick Park is located to the east of Lester Milligan on 15th Street SW and is just over 9 acres. It was acquired with a donation from the Elizabeth Norris Foundation and is named for Ray Rorick, a long-time employee and former publisher of the Globe Gazette. It includes a skate park and a skating rink. The skate park is a 110 x 50 foot cement slab that includes ramps and rails for skater and BMX bikers. The facility is an unsupervised park and it recommended that anyone using the park wear the following safety gear: a helmet, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip and knee pads. Anyone using the skate park skates or rides at their own risk. All skaters and bikers should follow all the rules, policies and regulations that are posted on site at the park.

Ray Rorick Park Amenities:

benches, charcoal grills, fitness equipment, open space, parking lot, picnic tables, shelters, skate park, trails